Alex’s All-Time A-League Away Kits

With every home kit, there is always an away, and after my last article it would be unfair of me to not go through and pick each A-League club’s best ever jersey used on the road. Some clubs tend to stick to similar colours and templates between seasons, while others like to test the waters a little more, with some more out there designs seen throughout the A-League. 

Here is my list of the best ever away kits from the 12 current A-League Clubs 

ADELAIDE UNITED – 2016/17 (Macron) 

Following on from their Championship success the previous season, Adelaide moved from Kappa to Macron. For their first away kit with the club, Macron continued the all-black away trend. It proved to be a hit with Adelaide fans too, voted as the clubs best kit in a poll conducted by the A-League back in 2019.

The kit features red accents to the collar, shoulders and cuffs on the shirt, and for the first time in the club’s history, a silver star above the club badge, symbolising grand final success. It is finished with black shorts and socks, both with red trims too. 

BRISBANE ROAR – 2011/12 (Puma) 

This kit template takes me back to a Grand Final win, as well as a dubious penalty call. The away kit used this season is essentially the reverse of the home, and saw the club step away from the more traditional white jersey used on the road. 

It features a bold orange stripe from left shoulder to right, broken by a black stripe from the collar, and finished with a white stripe to the bottom. The rest of the shirt is all black, with orange cuffs to the sleeves, and a very A-League style sponsor in “The Coffee Club”. The ensemble is finished off with black shorts, and a smaller version of the shoulder pattern to one of the legs, as well as black socks with orange and white trims. 


The Gosford based club are experiencing a lot of success on the field this season, and off the field Umbro managed to produce more success, with a great trilogy of kits for The Mariners.  

This season’s away shirt has a navy base with an irregular ‘broken’ stripped pattern in blue to its front. I really like this different pattern used by Umbro, but what I really love about this kit is the proper collar, which is used on all three jerseys this season. It is paired with navy shorts that have the same striped pattern to the sides, as well as navy socks with a single grey hoop. 

MACARTHUR FC – 2020/21 (Macron) 

As it is the club’s first season in the competition there is obviously only one kit to choose from. Much like with the home, I’m not a big fan of the jersey from Macron used by the Bulls.  

I like the actual design of this kit, which features a yellow overlapping collar and cuffs to the sleeves. It also features a bull to one of the sides of the shirt, in a dotted gradient style. Where I think this kit goes wrong is the choice of colours. 

They are so close to being the right colours, but the charcoal grey and yellow used are very off in my opinion. If they had used black and gold instead, this kit would be fantastic. It is completed with charcoal grey shorts and socks, both with a yellow trim. 

MELBOURNE CITY – 2014/15 (Nike) 

The red and white stripe design is synonymous with the Heart, now known as  Melbourne City. The kit used in their first season as part of the City Football Group is the best instalment in my opinion. 

As you would guess, the shirt is the typical red and white stripe pattern, only broken on the front to accommodate their Etihad sponsor. There are two reasons as to why this version stands out for me though. The first is the continuation of the stripes on the shoulders, rather than just a red block colour which we have seen in recent years. The second is so simple, but so important. White Shorts. The back of the jersey features a block red for the namesets to appear on, and the kit is finished with red socks.

MELBOURNE VICTORY – 2017/19 (Adidas) 

When this kit came out there was plenty of talk about it passing as a home kit for the Victory, and with some different shorts and socks it very well could have. I think this kit is really sleek and a nice difference to the other Victory away jerseys. 

The top of the shirt features the typical deep navy used by Victory but with a starry pattern that represents the Southern Hemisphere, featuring a Southern Cross next to the Club’s badge. I also really like the neck line and the small V on it, described as ‘energy red’. As always there is the classic V on the chest, but in a much more subtle way than normal, with a small white and navy V. The rest of the shirt is predominantly white, with a gradient cuff from navy to white on the sleeves, as well as the staple Adidas three stripe design to the sides of the jersey in navy.  

It is finished off with white shorts, with the Adidas three stripe in navy, and white socks. 

NEWCASTLE JETS – 2006/09 (Reebok) 

This away kit was used for three seasons by the Jets and is of the typical Reebok away template design used during this period of the A-League. I think the Jets in the gold of the early days is their best era for kits, and any attempts to bring back the gold in recent years have not hit the mark. 

This design was used when the side achieved their only Grand Final success, and in my opinion is not only their best away kit, but their best kit ever. The shirt has a mainly white body, with gold shoulders that have a shiny finish. There is also red taping to the shoulders and sides of the jersey. It is finished with shiny gold shorts with red piping that scream 2000s, and also white socks. 

PERTH GLORY – 2020/21 (Macron) 

White away kits are very common for Perth, and even though their designs are generally quite safe and not the most exciting, they do the job. I think this season they have found the perfect balance of simple but classy. 

The kit is predominantly white, with a thick purple stripe to the middle of the chest which encompasses the sponsor as part of the shirt and fades in a gradient style from the bottom. It also features a purple overlapping collar with an orange trim, and a purple and orange half-finish to the sleeves. Keeping this jersey mainly white is why it works so well, as in previous seasons we’ve seen too much purple on the sleeves. 

The kit is completed with white shorts that feature the same purple and orange trim, along with white socks. 

SYDNEY FC – 2018/19 (Puma) 

I love Sydney in white and sky blue, but I look at all the away kits used across the years and I don’t think any of them are world class. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan and so I am more critical of our kit selection, but I think a lot of the away designs from previous seasons are undercooked and they could be so much more exciting, 

This Puma number I think is no different, it is a nice kit, but it is nothing special. The shirt is white with sky blue shoulders, that feature a dotted pattern which adds very little to the design in my opinion. It also has a sky blue collar, as well as a white trim to the sleeves. The set is completed with sky blue shorts, and white socks. 

WELLINGTON PHOENIX – 2017/19 (Adidas) 

The away kit from the current season would be many people’s choice here, but for me it has nothing to do with the colours of the Nix and overall, the colour choices just are not that nice. However, the away kit used from the 2017 to 2019 seasons is a stunner. 

A simple and sleek all-white number, like New Zealand’s National Team kits, what is not to love? It features a unique swirl-like pattern to the top of the shirt and was the first season of the club’s new and modernised badge, which has been changed to match the colour scheme of this jersey which is a fantastic design decision. 

As always it features the classic Adidas three stripe to the sides and is finished with white shorts and socks. 


I may not have liked their home kit this season, but the away design from Kappa is simply fantastic and makes me really envious of the Wanderers. The all-white kit is by far one of the best of the season, and it just looks so classy.

It features a white collar with a red and black trim, as well as a white, black and red cuff finish to the sleeves. The reason why I, and many others, love Kappa so much is the logo, and this kit features the staple of all great Kappa kits: the repeating logo down the sleeves. Sponsors can ruin kits, but the JD logo works really well with here. It is finished off with white shorts, with the red Kappa logos down the sides, and white socks. 

WESTERN UNITED – 2019/20 (Kappa)

There may only be two choices for Western United, but it’ll be a long time before there are any away kits better than this for the club. A design loved across the world, it was a bold pattern choice, but it paid off big time. 

A base of white on this kit becomes so much more interesting with a shattered triangle tessellation style pattern in green across the front of the jersey. This pattern carries on to the sides and underarms, this time in black on a white base. Unlike other Kappa kits, this one features only one green logo on each shoulder, but this difference makes sure the kit is not too busy. It features a green collar, and even a hidden badge in the bottom corner of the kit. 

The shirt is paired with white shorts and white socks. What a way to announce your entrance into the league. 

As always there are many different opinions on kits, so what are your favourite A-League away kits? 

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